If a crisis of water damage can occur in your home due to several reasons: a toilet overflow, a washing machine malfunction or pipe bursting. Call Us Best Water Damage Restoration Company Near You at 818-668-5097.

No matter whatever the cause, excess water can cause immense damage to your home/ office and possessions like furniture. A water damage crisis, when not dealt promptly, can lead to accumulation of mold and bacteria, thus posing extreme health hazards.

We at Best Water Damage Restoration Company with our perfection and certified water damage restoration experts provide a range of services to deal with your water damage crisis:

  • Experts will reach within 30mins of the call
  • Prompt water damage restoration in 24 hour emergency service
  • Testing and drying equipment of the latest technology
  • Moisture detection infrared cameras
  • Approval of most insurance companies
  • 100% guarantee of price protection

Best Water Damage Restoration Company
Timing is crucial in water damage reversal. Harmful mold and bacteria strike within hours of water damage. Furniture and carpeting can be safe if treated as early as possible. The faster we act, the less the damage on property and health.

We understand that water damage crisis is an emergency. Therefore, our Water Damage Restoration Company is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week round the year. A representative for water damages will always answer your call, and you will not be diverted to voice mail. Water Damage servicing Calabasas, West Hills, Hidden Hills, Woodland Hills.

Commercial and residential water damages are divided into following three types:

  • Type 1 Water: The basic type of water damage caused by broken lines of water supply, overflowing of baths or sinks, malfunctioning of appliances related to lines of water supply.
  • Type 2 Water: Water that is full of a substantial amount of biological, physical or chemical waste and causes disease and discomfort when consumed. Also, called as Grey Water, this water is a breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms.  Some examples include failed sump pumps, urine contaminated toilet bowls, seepage from washing machines and dishwashers because of hydrostatic failure and discharge of water.
  • Type 3 Water: Grossly unsanitary water also termed “Black water.” It features unsanitary   elements, harmful fungi and bacteria, which can cause serious diseases. This type of water is a type of polluted water, which impacts the environment indoors. This water includes water from streams or rivers, standing water, ground water, etc. Stagnant grey water is also classified as Type 3 Water.

With our Best Water Damage Restoration Company, you can depend on our team for any sort of water damage crisis whether in the home, office or commercial buildings. We assure you of 100% satisfaction with our services.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Desiccant dehumidification
  • Mold remediation
  • Structural drying out
  • Water damage restoration

Our services are available for a wide variety of water damage crises like flooded basement, leaks of water heater, overflow of washing machines, back-ups of sewer, slab leaks, plumbing faults, broken pipes, ruptured hoses and storm damage.

Best Water Damage Restoration Company mission is to keep our customers completely happy and satisfied. We are waiting for your call! Call Us at 818-668-5097